Securing buy-in: A 7-step cheat sheet...

In this podcast you get a 7-step cheat sheet to securing buy-in for your data protection programme.

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The steps are:

🎯 What do you really want?

🌍 What do they think about this right now?

🎤 What will they lose by not doing what you think?

🗞 Where can you reach them?

👯 Who will support you?

🧠 Speak to the mind … and the gut

📅 Get organised

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Wired Relations is a GRC solution - tailored for privacy and information security.

We help organisations turn fragile privacy and information security into sustainable GRC programmes.

We focus on four things:
  • Ease-of-use: You don’t need consultants to implement Wired Relations and you don’t need training to use it.
  • Collaboration: Privacy and infosec is a team sport. We make it easy to collaborate.
  • Overview: Privacy and infosec is complicated enough as it is. Wired Relations makes it easier to get an overview - not harder.
  • Organising for GRC: The trick is to organise your processes and workflows so that you can sustain your programme.
Securing buy-in: A 7-step cheat sheet...
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