How to collaborate on a DPIA - learnings from Norway

Making a Data Protection Impact Assessment (DPIA) on Google Workspace for schools is a huge undertaking. In Norway they've decided to collaborate on it.

Today, Jacob Høedt Larsen, talk to project manager, Ida Thorsrud, about the project and learnings from it.

Some take-aways:
  • It has been possible to co-operate with Google in the proces, something that Ida has never experienced before
  • Parents, teachers and pupils are involved and give the project team a much better view of risks to the "data subject"
  • Project participants learn a lot from the process that can be put to use in their everyday job
  • Responsibility lies with the municipalities. Therefore, the project aims at making it 80 % ready.

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How to collaborate on a DPIA - learnings from Norway
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