Live: From tick-the-box compliance to balanced decision-making

From tick-the-box compliance to balanced decision-making
In this episode we'll go deeper into the second trend of Sustainable Compliance and look at why things are changing from a mindset of "tick-the-box compliance" to a "balanced decision-making". We'll also share learnings on how to get there.

Why tick-the-box compliance is not a great idea.
  • 💵 Calculating 4 % of global revenue for fines does not make sense anymore.
    • To most companies discovery risk is low, and the level of fines have never reached that level.
  • 👮🏻‍♀️Management buy-in should not be based on fear of fines.
    • It should be based on how the privacy program positively benefits the organisation.
  • 📚 Legal requirements are important.
    • So are the demands and wishes of our customers, colleagues, local community and other stake holders.
    • We should broaden the scope of our privacy compliance.
  • 💻 Spread sheets are great for many things (I'm told).
    • They proved less optimal for privacy compliance because keeping them up-to-date became a hassle. Many have not been updated since 2018.
  • ✅ Tick-the-box compliance is dying. And we shouldn’t lament that.
    • Instead, let’s replace it with making balanced decisions on data compliance taking the law, value creation and public expectations into account.
  • 😇 Feeling good about your job is important.
    • However, only feeling good when you ARE compliant will make you feel miserable most of the time.
    • Let’s feel great about the process of compliance.
  • 🧑🏼‍💻 And finally. Data compliance is real work and provides benefits to the organisation.

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The five trends of Sustainable Compliance are:
Trend # 1 From centralized authority to company-wide collaboration
Trend # 2 From tick-the-box compliance to balanced decision-making
Trend # 3 From problem-oriented to solution-oriented
Trend # 4 From legal thinking to strategic involvement
Trend # 5 From managing data subject to caring about people
Live: From tick-the-box compliance to balanced decision-making
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